Half Of My Mistakes chords - Radney Foster

Radney Foster Lyrics

            Capo 3

D                                     Bm
Half of my mistakes I made stone cold sober
D                                     Bm
Half of my mistakes I made at closing time 
G                                              D
Half the time I never saw it coming til it was over 
Em                    G                     D
Half of my mistakes I made with love on the line 

Half of my mistakes I swear I should have known better 
Half of my mistakes were just amongst friends 
You get a little distance on it the truth is clearer 
Half of my mistakes, I^(1)d probably make em again

         G                Em
And if I had it all to do over 
I^(1)m sure I^(1)d win and lose just as much 
    G                  Em
But spend less time on right and wrong 
A And a lot more time on love Half of my mistakes I made cause I was moving too quickly Half of ‘em were made cause my heart was moving too slow Nobody can tell you a damn thing if you ain't listening Aww, half of my mistakes I made cause I couldn^(1)t let go, let it go Instrumental Chorus Half of my mistakes I^(1)d give anything to change how it ended Half of my mistakes, God, I wouldn^(1)t change a thing You can lean too hard on regrets, but I don^(1)t recommend it Because half the good things in life came from half of my mistakes Yeah, a lot of good things in my life come from half my mistakes