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Ringer And The Princess (recording Version) chords - Graeme Connors

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                E - strum
                      A   A A         A                E  E
everybody called him dingo he didn't seem to mind the name
E       E       B      B   B          B            E
aboriginal and asian blood ran fifty fifty in his veins
                       A     A A      A                E  E
with skin like saddle leather an inscrutable kind of smile
E E           B           B    B             B
beneath the brim of his akubra he had the dreaming in his 
 E   E E E

She had a bloodline back to Europe the boss' daughter Mary Ann
Home for Christmas at the station from a boarding school in Cairns
with such a perfect face and figure, the boys'd blush when she walked by
behind her back they called her princess coz she had the distance in her eyes

                        A  A  B     B             E   E     
oh the ringer and the princess the dingo and the deer
Cm   A              B B B B              E    E E E
i'll tell you their story if you want to hear

december rain fell with a vengeance from a cyclone in the gulf
bone dry gullies turned to rivers and plains became a sea of mud
so the boss brought everyone together the family and the station hands
to open gates and knock down fences and give the stock a fighting chance

well the princess she was out there riding riding along beside the men
leading horses up to safety trying to bring the stragglers in
till she heard a wild commotion a little further down the way 
a mare was trying to cross the gully and her foal was being washed away

now the young have always been impulsive the princess had no second thoughts
she rode her mount into that gully trying to save the drowning horse
but in the midst of the raging waters her pony lost its step and fell
with her foot caught in the stirrup the princess disappeared as well

dingo saw the whole thing happen and like a man possessed he rode
straight into that swollen gully about a hundred yards below
and by the time the others got there all hope of finding her was gone 
till dingo staggered from the water with the princess in his arms

Chorus (as above)

Now the princess owns the station her dad the boos has long since died
and although she never married dingo was always by her side
still the gossips talk about them even after all these years
about the ringer and the princess, the dingo and the deer
                           B   B B      B             E x4
about the ringer and the princess, the dingo and the deer

Outro: E x2 E - strum


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