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Songs From The Homeland chords - Graeme Connors

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                Intro: D x17

        D          D           D             D
at the top end of market near castlereagh street
           D      D            D           D
there's a busker singing and playing the floop
         D      D        D               D 
with a piano accordian slung round his shoulders 
       D          D       D           D
and a hat at his feet to capture the coins 
       D         D           D        D
and a nod and a wink to the generous ones
          D                     G
and he's singing a song that's vaguely familiar 
     A                    G
the words from a poem by Lawson i think
      Bm                    G
but whoever it's from it's surely Australian
     D              D            D         D
the way the words flow and the spirit of place 
              D        D       D              D
and although i'm in a hurry i must stay  and listen to a

 D                 A      D              A
song from the homeland a song from the blood
   D              A         D         A
a song to remind me of the country i love
              G         D        D ----------- G
well there's beauty no doubt beneath foreign skies
       Em                A
but a song from the homeland 
 Em                 A                        D - go to intro
songs from the homeland brings tears to my eyes

Intro: D x17

mysterious reasons i can't walk away 
i'm drawn by the heart to the songs he keeps playing 
Click Go The Shears the Little Boy Lost
The Lights on the Hill and the Cootamundra Wattle
then it hits me like lightning i'm the only one there 
only one from the hundreds in the passing parade
in a city of stangers from all round the world
they come for the money they come for the sun
they come for the promise but they don't give a damn about

Chorus (as above) x3

Intro: D x17


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