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The Great Australian Dream (recording Version) chords - Graeme Connors

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                Intro: D D G G x2

             D                 D             G
I've turned west in search of something i'd never seen 
D                     D      G        G
the kind of vision splendid Banjo saw
         A               A             Bm              G
with a fresh roll in my camera and an eye for things unique
D          Cm     Bm      A             G       A     D   D
i left my mobile phone at home and went outback for a week

i stood beneath the tree of knowledge let my imagination run
way back to the great shearers' strike of '91
and as i quietly contemplated all that tragic history
a tour bus full of kids from the city pulled up in front of me

          G                G                   D           D
and it's baseball caps on backwards like they wear 'em in LA
A          A              D            D
Coca Cola Nike shoes and Oakley shades
             G             G           D
here in the middle of the heartland i feel i'm caught 
 A              G             A                D    D G G
Beverly Hills 90210 and the great australian dream 

Thought i'd try a new direction down the Barcoo headed south
to the town built around the black stump and Jacky Howe
but it was back on course next morning to the Stockman's Hall of Fame
where i traced the steps of the pioneers and ran into those kids again

Chorus (as above)
       Em               Em             G                G
I set out to find the spirit the inspiration for John Flynn
 D            Cm         Bm         A
walked the streets where Fysh and McGuinness gave the 
 G            A
kangaroo its wings
          Bm                 Bm            G
but each time i thought i'd found it what makes us who we 
      D        Cm   Bm              A          G
that bus pulls up beside me and the kids get out yeah the 
 G           G
kids get out

Chorus (as above)
Outro: D D G G D D G G D D G G D - strum  

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