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I Know You're In There Somewhere chords - Eric Heatherly

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                Eric Heatherly - I Know You're In There Somewhere

*****Use Drop D Tuning***********
Chord shapes I use: (these are drop D forms of the chords)

 	  	    Dm= 000231           A7= x02020

 	  	    Gm= 555786

Intro: Dm  A7  Gm  A7  Dm

Verse 1:
             Dm             A7
I could tell myself, I'm so over this.
That your memory vanished, into thin air.
             Dm                      A7
I could just pretend you don't haunt me no more.
Even though I know, you're in there somewhere.

Gm                      Dm
Deep down inside me wherever I go.
Gm                       Dm          A7
There in the shadows you hide like a ghost.

Verse 2:
              Dm                     A7
Whispering my name, you tease and torment me so.
Making sure that I know, you're in there somewhere.

Solo: Dm  A7  Gm  A7  Dm

Bridge 2:
Gm                       Dm
You cast a spell I could never erase.
     Gm                        Dm        A7
I'll carry that curse till the end of my days.

Verse 3:
Could try to love again.
Open my heart and soul.
Whao whao but I know, you're in there somewhere.

          A7                          Dm       
Whao whao I know, you're in there somewhere.

Outro:(play intro)

    / = slide up      br = bend & release

*****Drop D tuning******


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