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Shake The Ache chords - Eric Heatherly

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                Eric Heatherly - Shake The Ache

Chord shapes I use: (*Since the intro is in drop D tuning the chord shapes
on the left will be for standard tuning and the shapes on the right for drop D tuning.)

 	  	     D = xx0232            *D = 000232

 	  	     G = 355433            *G = xx5433

 	  	     A = x02220 or 577655  *A = xx7655

Verse 1:
There's a naked light bulb hangin' ove my head.
Nothin' but a shadow on your side of the bed.
       G                                                       D
I been talkin' to the walls but we're running out of things to say.

Verse 2:
I don't wanna toss and turn another night.

I need a crowd of people, some neon light.
G                                                 D
Smoke so thick you choke, jokes but there hard to take.

It ain't no laughin' matter,
        G                     D
I'll do anything to shake the ache.

       G               D
When I said goodbye to you,
        G               A
I broke my own heart in two.

Verse 3:
All I really need to start a new romance,

is tequila and a pretty girl that likes to dance.
            G                                       D
And let the good times roll, but I know I'd hit the brake.

Pre-chorus 2:
Just as soon as we get rollin'
        G                    D
Cause I just can't shake the ache.

Solo: D  D   G   D  G  A

Verse 4:
I opened up the wound and I threw on the salt.

Tried to make you think it was all your fault.
G                                                  D
Sorry that I hurt you, the pain is more than I can take.

Verse 5:
Now the clock is tickin' to loud, the foset drips.

On this love foresaken shell of a sinkin' ship.
     G                                 D
It's going down in the middle of a big mistake.

Pre-chorus 3:
I been swimmin' round in circles 
      G                    D
and I just can't shake the ache.

       G               D
When I said goodbye to you,
        G               A
I broke my own heart in two.

            G             D
Now there's nothing I can do.
I love ya and I need ya
and I just can't shake,
Life's no good without ya girl
I just can't make it.
Sorry that I hurt you
      G                            D
And I just can't shake the ache.

******Drop D tuning*******
D--------------------------------   ( repeat 2x)


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