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When A Heart Begins To Drift chords - Eric Heatherly

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                When A Heart Begins To Drift
Eric Heatherly

This was a hard one to tab because most of it is paino on the recording but this is almost perfect.
This is one of the best songs I have ever heard done by Eric. Enjoy!!
C= x32010        C/E= xx2010        F/D=xx0211         *=single stroke on chord

Cadd9= x32030    Am= x02210         G6=355400

G= 355433        F=133211           A= 577655

G/D= x5543x      F/C= x33211

Verse 1:
        Cadd9   C      G
Neither ore was in the water
        C              G
Neither eye was on the shore
     C/E     C     G     C
So I guess I never noticed
The approaching storm
      Cadd9   C        G
When I took in all the damage
       C      Cadd9     F
And the clouds began to lift
F/D                             G     *G6 *G/D
I found out it wasn't worth the risk

       F/C             C     Cadd9 C
When a heart begins to drift
        G              C
And the mind begins to wonder
     F                C
It's amazing just how quick
Love can loose its wings
         F/C           C
You were almost out of reach
      G/D              Am
I was close to goin' under
F/C            C            G            
I know now how dangerous it is
       C     Cadd9     F/C
When a heart begins to drift

Verse 2:
      Cadd9  C        G
Never told myself I'm leavin'
      C         Cadd9     G
Never felt your arm break free
          C/E    C    G      C      F
I don't remember any distant voices calling me
            C             G
Though your memory wasn't faded
        C                F
I could fill my cup with shame
     F/D                             G      *G6  *G/D
Even love as strong as ours can fall apart

    G                 D
But now you're out of reach
   B                 G    *G6 *G (these two are very soft)
And I'm slowly going under
D                           A
Now I know how dangerous it is
       D               G
When a heart begins to drift 

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