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Bad Movies chords - Homer And Jethro

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Homer And Jethro Sheet music

BAD MOVIES (Always Fracture Me)
As recorded by Homer & Jethro
(To The Tune Of Sad Movies Make Me Cry)
Written by John D. Loudermilk

I [F] watched Jack Paar and all of the Tee Vee [C] shows
Layin' on my back, and a-peepin' out between my [F] toes
And then a western movie filled the [Bb] screen
It was the [F] oldest and the [C] worst one, I had ever [F] seen.

The Cowboy Star was a guy named Cactus Jack
And he quit punchin' cows, 'cause the cows kept punchin' back
Altho' the film was blurred, I could have swore
Instead of ridin' on a horse, he was ridin' on a dinosaur.

[Bb] Bad movies, always fracture [F] me
[Bb] Bad movies, always on Tee [C] Vee.

One-armed Pete come ridin' across the Rio Grande
With a great big forty-five in either hand.
The commerical came on and poor old Pete got shot
Between the weather report and underarm deodorant spot.

Bad movies, always fracture me
Bad movies, always on Tee Vee.

Well, I giggled and I tittered, and I laughed until I cried
Then Mama come in and sat down by my side
She said "What's ailin' you, you little creep"
I told her, "Bad movies always make me weep".

|  Submitted by:                        Gene Graham     |
|                  El Paso, Texas  |

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