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Tennessee Border No2 chords - Homer And Jethro

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Homer And Jethro Sheet music

Recorded by Homer and Jethro
Words by Homer and Jethro
Original words and music by Jimmy Work

CAPO: 2nd Fret/KEY: A/PLAY: G
Here [G] eyes was red, her name was [D7] helen
Her head looked like a water-[G] melon
Her hair was long, she had a [D7] Toni
Her neck looked like a roll of bal-[G] loney. [G7]

Her [C] teeth stuck out so fer, she [G] didn't have much sense
[A7] She could gnaw an ear of corn right [D] thru' a picket [D7] fence
Our [G] marriage license cost a [D7] quarter

One [C] night I took her out to [G] see what we could see
Just [A7] then I saw her husband, and he [D] stood six-foot [D7] three
He [G] had brass knuckles - [D7] all made to order
Now my teeth are scattered on the TENNESSEE [G] BORDER.

Her was red, her name was Hann-er
Her nose looked like a big banan-er
She weighs so much he had some trouble
He thought that he was seein' double.

He put his arm around her and he tried to hug her
But he couldn't get close enough
'Cause she had too much blubber
She was too fat, he couldn't court her
Now she wears a girdle 'round her TENNESSEE BORDER.

One [C] night I took her out [G] just across the line
She [A7] stubbed her toe and fell in a [D] barrel of turpen-[D7] tine
[G] "Young man", (Huh?), "young man", (Huh!),
[D7] "Where is my daughter?"
"Well, the last time I see'd her
She was tearin' across the TENNESSEE [G] BORDER."

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