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The Battle Of Kookamonga chords - Homer And Jethro

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Homer And Jethro Sheet music

The Battle of Kookamonga
By: Homer and Jethro
Sung to:  The battle of 1814 (The battle of  New Orleans)

[G]In Nineteen and fifty nine we[C] took a little hike,  With[D7] our scout
master up to[G] lake Aneekanike,
We took a little pizza and we [C]took some sour krauts,  And[D7] we marched
along together till we [G]heard the girl scouts

Chorus:  We're the boys from camp Kookamonga, our mothers sent us here for
to[D7] study natures[G] ways,
We learned to make sparks by rubbin' sticks together, but if we catch the
girls we'll [D7]set the woods [G]ablaze.

Well we crept up to the water and we[C] see'd the girls aswimin', there[D7]
must of been a hundred of them [G]pretty young women,
They looked so fine even[C] birds forgot to sing, we[D7] laid down in the
posion oak and[G] didn't say a thing.


Well our counciler said we could [C]take em by surprise if we[D7] didn't say
a word till we[ ]Glooked em in the eyes,
We kept real still and we[C] kept our eyes aglued, we [D7]saw how they were
dressed, they were[G] smimming in the....Well we're


Chorus 2:  Well they ran through the briars and they ran through the
brambles and they ran throught the bushes where the [D7]rabbits couldn't
They ran so fast even we couldn't catch em all the way from Lake Aneekanike
[D7] all the way to Buff[G]alo.

Well we ran right after them till[C] everyone was pooped, so we [D7]rested
for a minute and our[G] forces we regrouped
Then we saw the girls[C] behind some evergreens, [D7]captured by a company
of [G]United States Marines.

Chorus 2:
(in cadence) Rutty toot toot, rooty toot toot, we are the boys from the boy
scout troop,
We do smoke and we don't chew and we don't go with the girls that do.

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