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Big Mistake chords - Adam Hood

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                This is my first tab. I normally leave the tabbing to more experienced guitarists
but i wanted to play this song live so i had to find a way to play it. I'm not sure 
if it is correct, but it is how i played it. If someone has a perfect way of playing
it then by all means please submit it. 

Guitar is dropped half a step. 

the chord progressions are E minor , C , G , the D.   
The E minor is played 022030 , the C is 032030,

     Em                c
I think i made the worst mistake 
   G            D
A man like me could ever make
   Em              C
I knew one day my heart would break
     G             D
But I put it on my sleeve
   Em                C
I took a chance and walked out on faith
       G               D
And it led me to this lonely place
    Em              C 
The love I gave was all a waste
    G             D
And now I have to leave  
                  Em   ( sing that without any chords behind it then hit the Em)  
It`s all a big mistake

(same chord progression throughout)

I remember in my younger days
The desperate need to change my ways
Well life drags on and complicates
And takes it out of you
And it`s killing me to realize
To believe in this is a waste of time
So take a loss and dry your eyes
There`s nothing you can do
It`s all a big mistake

I can`t change the things I`ve done
And I didn`t want to hurt anyone
It`s sad to know that I`ve become a dangerous evil man
I know we can`t change the things we say
But angry words are the ones that stay
We try to make them go away
But you`re a fool to think you can
It`s all a big mistake

I think I made the worst mistake
A man like me could ever make
My bags are packed
I sit and wait
Lord, what have I done?
It`s all a big mistake


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