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Tuesday Night chords - Adam Hood

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                #-----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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I think I corrected it and figured out this format.My fist submission ever. 
The song is in G on Adam's EP. Personally, when I cover it I do it in C simply 
because I sound like a dying cat in G unfortunately. But here it is in G. The 
C/A is what I call a C9 and move your index/pointer finger straight down the 
the G string second fret.

C/A - X30233

I'm always hoping for a good time, never happens on a Tuesday night.
Cadd9             C/A         Cadd9       G
Two weeks and I'm here in the same place, the same the same rhythm for most of my life

My head's aching from everyone's cigarettes, my hand's hurting from the steel strings
Cadd9             C/A       C          G
Five hours and it never did bother me, I was the only one listening

Cadd9          C/A      Cadd9  G
My life should drive me crazy, living everyday like I do
       D        Cadd9                            G
I'm so glad for someone like you I can come home to

I've spent my whole life searching for, a road taking me everywhere 
Now I want to spend some time with you baby, but it's so hard when I'm never there 
It takes everything to follow my heart sometimes I'm so afraid 
But if my life ever does hurt you baby, I'll pull the breaks and stop the train 

Cadd9          C/A      Cadd9  G
My life should drive me crazy, living every day like I do 
Cadd9        C/A       Cadd9       G
I know we're tired and lonely, but love is gonna pull us through 

       D                     Cadd9               G
I'm so glad for someone like you I can come home to. (Repeat x 1) 

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