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Nobody Comes Here Anymore chords - Adam Hood

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                Intro:  D Em G D

D                     Em               G                                D
Seems like yesterday, not so long ago, somebody was everywhere in this town.  So I walk 
                        Em                         G
Through the front door, and right up to the stage, this place used to be my stomping 
  D        C        D                                      
ground.   Seems like, 

    D                 C    G                         D
Nobody comes here anymore,   nobody comes here anymore.      Its cold as a ghost town, 

C                     G                     D
Aint it such a shame, nobody comes here anymore.

D	                  Em	                G                                        D
I sit on the front steps, and stare into space, its hard sleeping now, that everybodys gone.     

                              Em                              G                                                                                       
My soul is hurting me, and my mind is an empty place, and its all my fault that 

                      D                 C  D
everything turned out wrong.  Cause I know that,

----Play Chorus Once------

 C                         G             D                              C                                        
And everybody's gonna tell me, keep your eyes on number one, cause you, you cant talk 

   G               D                  C                       G                   D                                     
To no one but your self.  And its a, a sad day when you wake up, and your all said and 

	        C	            G	                A
done, and you realize, youre the only one that never left.

D	              C	                G	                             D
Times are changing, life is moving on, it so hard just to, to keep up sometimes.  I stay in 

	      C	                       G	            C	        G        D           
the middle, this is the road I chose, its all I can do to keep it between the lines.  Cause I 

    C  D
know that, 


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