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Olearys Cow chords - Johnny Horton

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Johnny Horton Sheet music
Johnny Horton


[C] Oc-to-ber eigh-teen [G] sev-en-ty [C] one

That's [F] when this great big [C] fire be-gun

The [F] win-dy cit-y was a [C] ball of flame

And [G] O'-Lear-y's cow was the [F] one to [C] blame.

The fire-men fought for days on end
They could fight the fire but they could-n't fight the wind
The wind fanned the flames and it start-ed a-gain
And no-body knew if it ever would end.


She [F] kick-ed up her heels with-out a hint

[C] kick-ed the lan-tern o-ver and a-way she went

The [F] world could-n't help but [C] be a-maz-ed

How [G] one lit-tle cow start-ed [F] such a [C] blaze.

The rich and the poor were both a-like
Fight-in' and pray-in' for their life
Then at last the Lord look-ed down
And He sent a lit-tle rain to the win-dy town.



The after-math was a sight to see
The loss of life and pro-per-ty
The peo-ple said it was a shame
But O'Lear'-y's cow still caught the blame.


Note. Written by (Dave Stone-Ray Winkler-Leroy Morris).


     C      F      G
E ---0------1------3---
B ---1------1------0---
G ---0------2------0---
D ---2------3------0---
A ---3------3------2---
E ---3------1------3---

Johnny Horton ChordsJohnny Horton Lyrics

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