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Sleepy-eyed John chords - Johnny Horton

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Johnny Horton Sheet music
Sleepy-Eyed John--Johnny Horton
written by T. Atchison
Corrections welcome.

Capo I

INTRO: G  Cadd9   G  C  D

Well a way down yonder on the Canyon Creek
I whittled out a fiddle from a wagon seat
I tuned my fiddle and rasined my bow
Play a little tune wherever I go

G                      C
Sleepy-eyed John, you better get yer britches on
G                        Cadd9     D
Sleepy-eyed John, better tie your shoes
G                     D
Sleepy-eyed John, you better get yer britches on
C                               D            G
Try to get to Heaven 'fore the Devil gets to you


Well Sleepy-eyed John he stole a goose
The goose stayed plucked but it couldn't get loose
Said John to the goose if you don't stay still
We'll miss our supper down at Candyville



Well Sleepy-eyed John he had a wooden leg
The wooden leg was nothin but a little wooden peg
With one shoe off and one shoe on
He could do the double shuffle 'til the cows come home



Now I got 20 dollars for I built a fence
I took my money and I ain't worked since
Sold my buggy and I sold my plow
Wouldn't take a dollar for my journey now



Well a over a hickory and down a pine
The raccoon left and the old hound wined
John said sic 'im and the raccoon left
They crossed Green River in a minute and a half



G 	 320033
Cadd9 	 x32033
C 	 x32010
D 	 xx0232
N/C 	 no chord

Johnny Horton ChordsJohnny Horton Lyrics

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