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The Mansion You Stole chords - Johnny Horton

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Written & recorded by Johnny Horton (1960)
CD/LP : Greatest Hits

(Intro)  D  G  A  D

    D                  G             D
The mansion I own has captured your heart
                 A                               D
You said it was love dear but you lied from the start
              G             A         D
I wanted true love but you wanted my gold
                  A             G              D
Someday you'll be sorry for the lies that you told


                 D                        G
You've stolen my heart and you cheated on me
               D                          A
But someday my darling I know that you'll see
 -              G                    D
A house without love can make you so cold
                A             G            D       (2: D  G  D)
And you will be lonely in the mansion you stole

(Instr)  D    G    D

 D               A                               D
You said it was love dear but you lied from the start

(Instr)  D   G   A   D

 D                 A             G              D
Someday you'll be sorry for the lies that you told

(Repeat Chorus)

Johnny Horton ChordsJohnny Horton Lyrics

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Horton Johnny
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