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Me You And Dog Named Boo chords - Stonewall Jackson

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Hi Greg
  Here is the Stonewall Jackson Version of Me And You And A Dog Named Boo. The song was
originally done by Lobo however the chord patterns in this version should be fairly close
to the mark.

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

Stonewall Jackson

Key = F#    *** Brackets indicate all chords occur in one bar/measure

     F#                    (B          C#sus)  F#   
I Re-member To This Day The Bright Red Georgia Clay
And How It Stuck To The Tyres After The Summer Rain
Will Power Made That Old Car Go
          (B         C#sus)    F#
My Roamin' Mind Told Me That's So
                        E                 (B   C#) (B  C#)
How I Wish That We Were Back On The Road A-gain


(B      C#)       F#
 Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
(B              C#)            F#
 Travellin' And Livin' Off The Land
(B      C#)       F#
 Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
      (E         B)       F# 
 How I Love Bein'  A Free Man 

F#                    (B            C#)        F# 
I Can Still Recall The Wheat Fields Near Saint Paul
And The Mornin' We Got Caught Robbin' From An Old Hen
Old Mac-Donald He Made Us Work
           (B           C#)         F#
But Then He Paid Us For What It Was Worth
                        E                 (B   C#) 
Another Tank Of Gas And Back On The Road A-gain

Repeat Chorus:

     F#                              (B            C#)   F# 
I'll Never Forget That Day We Motored Stately Into Big L.A.
The Lights Of The City Put The Settlin' Down Into My Brain
It's Only Been A Month Or So
            (B             C#)   F#
But That Old Car's Beggin' Us To Go
                       E                 (B   C#)
Gotta Get Away And Get Back On The Road A-gain

Repeat Chorus:

Repeat Chorus & Fade......

Stonewall Jackson ChordsStonewall Jackson Lyrics

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Jackson Stonewall
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