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The Black Sheep chords - Stonewall Jackson

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Recorded by Stonewall Jackson
Arranged by Stonewall Jackson

[D] In a little country village, not [G] very far a-[D] way
There lived a rich, but aged man, whose [E] hair was turning [A7] gray 
He [D] had three sons, three only ones, both [G] Jack and Tom were [D] sly
But [G] Ted was honest [D] as could be, he [A7] would not tell a [D] lie.

The brothers tried to ru-in Ted, before the old man's eyes
At last the plot begin its work, till Ted was much despised
The father then said begone, you're heartless to the core
Then the Black's Sheeps words they came, just a-ringing thru the door.
Don't be angry with me, Dad, don't drive me from your door
I know that I've been wayward, but I won't be anymore
Just give me one more chance, and put me to the test
You'll find the Black Sheep loves his Dad, far better than the rest.

Year by year, sped quickly by, the father now grown old
He called to them, both Jack and Tom, and gave them all his gold
I only need a little room, a place at your fireside
One night on Jacks' returning home, he brought with him a bride.

The three began to hate the father, more and more each day
At last he heard the three declare, why, the old fool's in our way
They then agreed to send him to, the poorhouse that was near
Then, like a flash, the Black Sheep's words, came ringing in his ear.

Don't be angry with me, Dad, don't turn me from your door
I know that I've been wayward, but I won't be anymore
Just give me one more chance and put me to the test
You'll find the Black Sheep loves you, Dad, far better than the rest.

A wagon drives up to the door, it is the poorhouse van
The brothers pointed to their dad, right there is your man 
Then a manly form appeared, came rushin' through the crowd
Stop this you brutes, the lad replied, it shall not be allowed.

You took the old man's property, and all that he could save
You've even sold the little plot, containin' mother's grave
I am his son, but not your kin, from now till judgement day
The father clasped the Black Sheep's hand, and they all heard him say.

Don't be angry with me, son, I know I drove you from my door
I know that I've been foolish, lad, I've repented o'er and o'er
I should have given you my gold, for you have stood the test
I found the Black Sheep loves his dad, far better than the rest.

Stonewall Jackson ChordsStonewall Jackson Lyrics

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