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Old Showboat chords - Stonewall Jackson

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Recorded by Stonewall Jackson
Written by Marijohn Wilkin and Fred Burch

[C] I blew into Dallas, feelin' kinda low
Thought I'd make me a bit of change, [G] at the rod-e-[C] o
Heard the line boss sayin': "You onery cowpoke,
Fifteen bills to any man, [G] who can ride Show-[C] boat."
([D] Who can ride Show-[G] boat)
Showboat you old cuss,
I'm gonna ride you or [G7] I'll bust [D] 
Hold the reins, watch the chains
Turn 'im loose, that cayuse [D7] I'm gonna [G] ride.

They put me in the saddle, the reins were in my hand
Then I saw her sittin' there, watchin' from the stands
She was kinda pretty, a blonde with big blue eyes
I could see it hurt her so, to see me have to ride
(To see me have to ride)
Showboat, that old cuss, I'm gonna ride him or I'll bust
Hold the reins, watch the chains
Turn 'im loose, that cayuse im gonna ride.

He bucked me once a-runnin', then he looked me in the eye
I slid down around his neck, reachin' for the sky
Then he sent me flyin', like a little bird
Lord, I think when I came down, I ate ten pounds of dirt
(Ate ten pounds of dirt)
Showboat you old cuss, I'm gonna ride you or I'll bust
Hold the reins, ain't it a shame
That cayuse done thowed me loose, and broke my leg.

I woke up in the General, feelin' kinda hurt
Till I found that blue-eyed blonde turned out to be my nurse
She fixed me with patches and love I thought was free
Till she said: "Now cowboy, you're gonna marry me."
(Gonna marry me)
Showboat, you old cuss, you done fixed me up much worse
Hold the reins, ain't it a shame
I'm getting married and Old Showboat you're to blame.

TAG: I'm getting married and Old Showboat you're to blame.
Fade: Repeat tag.

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Jackson Stonewall
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