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Alabama Pines chords - Jason Isbell

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                Alabama Pines
Recorded by Jason Isbell

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:   (D) x 8 bars

When I (D)moved into this room if you could call it that a week ago
I (Bm)never do what I'm supposed to do
Hardly even know my (G)name anymore
No one calls it out kind of (D)vanishes away

(D)I can't get to sleep at night, the parking lot so loud and bright
The A-(Bm)C hasn't worked in 20 years
Probably never made a (G)single person cold
I can't say the same for me, I've (D)done it many times

Somebody take me (Bm)home, through (A)those (G)Alabama pines (D)

You can't (D)drive through Talladega on a weekend in October
Just (Bm)head up north to Jacksonville
Cut around, and oh, but watch your (G)speed (???)
They ain't got a thing to do, they'll (D)get you every time

Somebody take me (Bm)home through (A)those (G)Alabama pines (D)
Somebody take me (Bm)home through (A)those (G)Alabama pines (D)
(D)Ah, (A/C#)ah, (Bm)ah, (A)ah, (G)ah
(D)Ah, (A/C#)ah, (Bm)ah, (A)ah, (G)ah

If you (D)pass through on a Sunday, better make a stop at Wayne's
It's the (Bm)only open liquor store north
I can't stand the pain of (G)being by myself
Without a little help, on a (D)Sunday afternoon

And I (D)needed that damn woman like a dream needs gasoline
And I'm (Bm)trying to be some ancient kind of man
One that's never seen the (G)beauty in the world
But I tried to chase it down, tried to (D)make the whole thing mine

Somebody take me (Bm)home through (A)those (G)Alabama pines (D)
Somebody take me (Bm)home through (A)those (G)Alabama pines (D)
(D)Ah, (A/C#)ah, (Bm)ah, (A)ah, (G)ah
(D)Ah, (A/C#)ah, (Bm)ah, (A)ah, (G)ah

I've been (D)stuck here in this town, if you call it that, a year or two
I (Bm)never do what I'm supposed to do
I don't even need a (G)name anymore
No one calls it out, kind of (D)vanishes away

(D)No one gives a damn about the things I give a damn about
The (Bm)liberties that we can't do without
Seem to disappear like (G)ghost in the air
We don't even care, until it (D)vanishes away

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