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Good chords - Jason Isbell

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INTRO: E  B  C#m  A

E                              B
You better watch yourself this time
On your waiting in a long line
Of kicking off a slow crime
E                               B
I guess the Devil wouldn't have you
But you used who what you're used to
You always seem to somehow make it through 
  F#m               A
I know I let myself go but
             E                        B     C
I try to lay low but it's hard to be alone
  C#m                  A
I know I never took my own advice
                E                                B     C
Chased a couple rollin' dice somewhere I don't belong

C#m                 A    
I can't make myself be good, I wish I could
E                                B                  C
Somewhere my conscience tuned to petrified old wood
C#m                 A
I can't make myself do right on Friday night
E                                B                 C      C#m   A
When all these shadows, they get bigger and bigger in the light

Another night another rope burn
Well I guess that it was my turn
To wash all of the pain down
Maybe you were just a decoy
It doesn't matter much to me, noise
It covered up the voices I don't want to hear
I let myself go again
I tried to let you know
But then it's hard to be alone
I know I never take my own advice
I get tired of playin nice and cut right to the bone




D#m                 B
I can't make myself be good, I wish I could
F#                               C#                 D
Somewhere my conscience tuned to petrified old wood
D#m                 B
I can't make myself do right on Friday night
F#                              C#                D      D#m   B
When all these shadows they get bigger and bigger in the light
              F#    C#  D
Bigger in the light


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