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Tour Of Duty chords - Jason Isbell

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I'm arriving on the day's last train
Stepping on the platform, trying to see you through the rain
I don't know the ways you've changed since I left
and I really don't care
      D                            C                          G
I've done my tour of duty now I'm home and I ain't going anywhere

I taught myself to tolerate the pain
all the loneliness and boredom and the work I did in vain
         C                                             G
All the work we did in vain. Now I'm not the same as I was
       D                            C                       G
I've done my tour of duty now I'll try to do what a civilian does

    B/G           C                 G                              
I promise not to bore you with my stories
    B/G            C                 D
I promise not to scare you with my tears
   B/G           C             G
I never would exaggerate the glory
I'll seem so satisfied here

Am7  D   G   Am7    x 4

I've been eating like I'm out on bail
Collard greens and chicken wings and oysters by the pail
       C                                              G
Eating oysters by the pail, making up for those lost days
            D                            C                              G
Cause I've done my tour of duty now I'm going to put you in the family way

Mandolin solo over verse chords

      B/G                 C               G
We'll laugh like little children telling secrets
         B/G           C              D
Probably cry like old women drinking gin
              G                            C
because I've done my tour of duty now I'm home
and I ain't leaving here again
      D                            C                               G
I've done my tour of duty now I'm home and I ain't leaving here again

Am7  D   G   Am7 x 4

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