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I'd Run chords - Buddy Jewell

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                I'D RUN
Buddy Jewell
2005, Columbia Records

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: (C)  (C)  (C)  (C)

I (C) stood out on the tressle waitin' for the whistle:
The 4.09 was right on time a(G)gain.
Lord, I'd a-got a lickin' if they caught me playin' chicken,
But I was quite the practised liar way back (C) then.
I saw the smoke above the treetops,
And when the train came into view,
I stood still as a statue, but (G) I knew what to do.
When I could read the numbers on the front (NC)

  I'd (F) run like a gipsy, like the hounds of hell'd get me,
  Like a rabbit on the wrong end of a (C) gun.
  I'd (F) run like the lightning cuttin' 'cross the Kansas skyline,
  Like the tears that Momma cried for her lost (G) son:
  I'd (F) run: yeah, I'd (C) run.

I got (C) older but no smarter an cheatin' fate got harder,
But I could still outwit the devil an' his (G) friends.
Went through whiskey, cards an' women, takin' more than I was givin',
Throwin' love and caution to (C) wind.
Every time I'd let some beauty,
Get a little too close to me,
She'd hang around just long enough to (G) find herself the key.
When I could feel the lock on my heart come undone, 

Repeat Chrous

Instrumental Break.

There's broken (C) hearts an' broken bottles, 
And dreams all gone to dust.
Girls' gone home to Momma and cars all gone to (G) rust.
If I could go back and undo the hurt I'd done, (NC)

Repeat Chorus

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