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Left At The Light chords - Buddy Jewell

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I think this was on his first independent album that you can't buy 
anymore, but you can download it at Kazaa and probably other places.
Good song, check it out.

Intro: G  D  Am7  C (x2)

C                                 G
Heaven's been described as being paved with gold
C                                G   D/F#-Em
Others say it's just a state of mind
Em                                C            G/B-Am7
Some folks don't believe that it exists at all 
           Am7                               Dsus D
But if you ask me where it is and what it's like....I'd say it's

 G            D    Am7                  C 
Left at the light fourth house on the right
           G                   D                Am7           C   D
There's a big oak tree with a tire swing at the gates of paradise
            G            D              Am7           C 
There's an angel living there who's the answer to my prayers
Am7                   Dsus        G
Heaven's right there left at the light

G  D  Am7-G/B-C-D

      C                             G
Some preachers say the only way of getting there
C                                      G   D/F#-Em
Is going down the straight and narrow road    
     Em                              C            G/B-Am7
But every time I take that turn I'm Heaven bound
Am7                             Dsus D
And I don't even have to die to go.....I just turn


      Am7                   D           G
Yeah, Heaven's right there left at the light

Outro: G  D  Am7 C D  G


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