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So Love Me Too chords - Buddy Jewell

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This song is from his first independent album (before his Sony album)

Intro: C  G/B  Am  F  Am  G

     C              G/B              Am
When I woke up this morning had the phone in my hand
F              Am                G
Neither one of us could hang up first
C                 G/B             Am
I didn't want the best day of my life to ever end
F         Am                   G
Baby you floored me with your words
      Am                         G/B
With visions of yesterday still fresh in my head
F                              G
I can't forget the way I felt when you finally said

F  G    Am   F  G  Am
I love you, yes I do
F        G    Am
Through and through
   F    G   C
So love me too

(repeat intro)

C               G/B            Am
There's no easy way my dear to show you how I feel
F         Am                G
With you right here in my heart
    C           G/B         Am
And I know the emotions are genuine and real
    F            Am         G
Oh baby I can't bear to be apart
    Am                G/B
The sun is rising on another perfect day
F                                  G
I'll hold you in my arms so close when I finally say


Break: (same as intro)

Am             G/B
Day after day, year after year
    F                   G
For all of my life I'll always be here


(intro chords repeat to fade)

Buddy Jewell ChordsBuddy Jewell Lyrics

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