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See You There chords - Joey + Rory

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                CAPO 4 or transpose to your key

G                               C              G
You waited all summer, for that night to come around
                            A            D7
Mom was in the kitchen, and I was laying down
G                           C             G
We said we’d meet up later, at the county fair
                            D7               G
As you closed the door, you hollered See you there

        C              G
See you there, see you there
          C                                 D7
There was broken glass and blue lights everywhere
You were lying by your jeep
            G                 C
We held our breath and said a prayer
         G           D7            G
We could hardly bare,   to see you there

G                          C                   G
No one had to tell us, that you were hurt real bad
                                   A               D7
To life flight you to Indy was the only chance you had
G                        C                 G
Mama climbed in with you,   she knew I was scared
                  D7        C                G
As she closed the door, she hollered See you there

        C              G
See you there, see you there
           C                                D7
There were lines and tubes and doctors everywhere
      C                                 G               C
Daddy stayed up all night long, right beside you in the chair
         G           D7            G
He could hardly bare,   to see you there

G  C                         G              C
We sang in the Garden at our little country church
      G              D7            C              G
There must’ve been a mile of cars, following your hearse

G                              C                G
You’d think after 10 years, it wouldn’t make me cry
                                             A                  D7
But it’s almost like you must’ve known, that night you said goodbye
              C                        G             C
That you were headed up to heaven, not to the county fair
         G                   D7               C
When you closed the door and hollered See you there
G       C              G
See you there, see you there
        C               D7      G
See you there, oh, I’ll see you there

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Joey + Rory
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