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Your Man Loves You Honey chords - Joey + Rory

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                (Capo on 2)

Intro.:  (G) x 4

Had my (C)golf clubs on my (G)shoulder when you (D)saw me first to-(G)day
When (C)my old army (G)sweater that you (D)thought you threw a-(G)way
And (C)when you saw me (G)standin' there you (D)shook your head and (G)sighed
When you (C)saw I bought a (G)six pack I thought (D)you were gonna cry (G) (Am)(Bm)

(C) Your man (G)loves you, honey, (D) I don't know what (G)else to say (Am)(Bm)
(C) Your man (G)loves you, honey, but (C)you can't (D)change my (G)ways (D)|

(G) (Am) (Bm)Now be-(C)fore you say you're (G)angry you re-(D)member what I (G)did
Went to (C)church with you last (G)Sunday, took your (D)mama and the kids (G)
Sit right (C)up and heard the (G)preachin', even (D)wore my Christmas (G)tie
I'm not (C)much on organ (G)music, five stringed (D)banjo's more my (G)style (Am)(Bm)

(C) Your man (G)loves you, honey, (D) I don't know what (G)else to say (Am)(Bm)
(C) Your man (G)loves you, honey, but (C)you can't (D)change my (G)ways (D)|(G)(Em)

Oh you (C/G)should've had a (G)knight in armor (D/F#)and a castle (G)fate
(C/G)Not some restless (G)cowboy faded (D/F#)jeans and shaggy (G)head
I can't (C/G)make it big with-(G)out and (D)you know that it's (G)true
Keep (C/G)me around for last (G) and I've been (D)good for one or (G)two (Am)(Bm)

(C) Your man (G)loves you, honey, (D) I don't know what (G)else to say (Am)(Bm)
(C) Your man (G)loves you, honey, but (C)you can't (D)change my (G)ways (D)|(G)(D)(G) -----

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