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Faces chords - Josh Kelley

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                Intro: E Abm C#m7 C#m7-Cm7-Bm7 A-Asus4 B E

Verse 1:

E	   Abm	     C#m7    C#m7-Cm7-Bm7
I like the faces you make at me

when we're lying in bed.

   B		  E
They are always so beautiful

E	   Abm               C#m7  C#m7-Cm7-Bm7
I like the way you tuck your body close to me.

A-Asus4-A	    B	      E
When we're sleeping it's all right.


G	   	B	E
Dream your fears away.

G		B	E
And I'll be here all day.

G	    B
Dry your eyes

	   Abm	      A-Asus4-A
'cause I'm here to spend

     E		    B	     E
this moment in your arms again.

Verse 2:
The forecast calls for rain to take away the day.
I guess we'll just have to stay inside the room.
I'll bring your breakfast warm to wake you from your dream
as I lift your head upright.

Verse 3:
And so, good love, the day between us comes and goes,
so soon but it's so magical.
You bring the lock
I'll bring the key to set you free as I lay your body down.

E A-Asus4-A  B  C#m7
	    This moment now...

E A-Asus4-A  B  C#m7
	    This moment now...

E A-Asus4-A  B  C#m7
            This moment now...

     E		     B
This moment in your arms...

     E		     B
This moment in your arms...

     E		     B 	  E
This moment in your arms again.

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