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Old Time Memory chords - Josh Kelley

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                G- 320033
Cadd9- 032033
Em7- 022033
G?- 200233
D- 000232
C- 032010
Amin- 002210

(G) Standing 'round in a (Cadd9) crowded room
(G) Faces here bring me (G?) back to (Em7) you
(G) Leaving town slips in (Cadd9) to my head (G?) again
(G) My friends say stay but i (Cadd9) wanna go
(G) People here that i (G?) used to (Em7) know
(G) To the situation that you (Cadd9) put me (G?) in

(Cadd9) Cause I can tell myself that (G) I will be (D) gone
(Cadd9) But you can rest assured that (G) I will be (G?) home

(G) Cause I belong (Cadd9) to the (D) best of (Em7) you
(G) And you belong (Cadd9) to the (D) things i (Em7) do
(G) When a song is (Cadd9) how I re- (D) member (Em7) you
(Cadd9) I can tell you what its (G) like to be (D) gone
When you're an (Cadd9) old time (G) memory

Laying back with the headphones on
Pen in hand takes me to the dawn
Paper warned to the thoughts of you again
Taking light of the time of night
A ballpoint fast full of work in mind
A chorus playing in my head again
Cause I can tell myself that I will be gone
But you can rest assured that I will be home

With the (D) feeling that (C) remain
And the (D) promises in (Amin) vain
And the (D) memories are (C) stained
With (Cadd9) you, (G?) you (G)

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