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Just Say The Word chords - Josh Kelley

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                Capo 2


G  Cadd9 Em7 D Cadd9(2)

Holdin on  
To your pictures on my telephone  
And I know that I should let you go  
     D                  Cadd9 
But it's hard to break away  
I ask around 
And I wonder what you're doing now  
                         E           D                 Cadd9 
But I hear that you been going out a little more these days  
I can't lie  
                  Badd9?       Cadd9 
That I think from time to time how you're doing  
     Am                        Badd9?  Cadd9 
Well don't hang up, cuz what I really meant to say  

G                                             Cadd9 
When everythings wrong and nothings going right 
Em7                     D               Cadd9 
Just-know that I'm not hard to find, 
G                                         Cadd9 
So Just say the word and I'll race through the night 
Em7                 D                  Cadd 
And I'll be right there by your side

Remember when,  
We were further than you've ever been  
And I think about it now and then  
And it takes me to that place  
^ When I pretend  
That I'm better than I've ever been  
Well atleast that's what I telllll my friends  
Cuz' I can't show my face  
Well I can't lie  
that I think from time to time how you're doing  
Don't hang up cuz what I really meant to say  


D/F         G  
It's hard enough  

   Cadd9 Badd9? D G 
to believe in something  
D/F       G       Cadd 
more than just pretend  
D/F  G               Cadd9 Badd9? D G 
Just because we both know it's over  
D/F       G       Cadd 
We can still be friends  
G  Cadd9 Em7 D Cadd9 

 Em7               D             Cadd  
I can be right there by your side 

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