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All The Way chords - Lonestar

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I'm going to admit it.  When I first bought this
album, I didn't know.  But now, I am enjoying it. 
These guys are good.  Here is my version of this song.
 If I am wrong, let me know.  

Title:  All the Way
Artist:  Lonestar
CD:  Lonely Grille

They seem to like the key of G#, so capo 1st fret

G                  Em
Hey we're walking through this together
C                D
And I'm holding on to you
Nothing can separate
This this little twist of fate
C                   D          C
You're the one my heart belongs to

G                    Em
Nothing's quite as sweet as the journey
C                 D
So let's go around the world
Takin' in everything, 
No matter what life brings
C               D
We're gonna be chasing forever


All the way
To the end
C                  D
Of my life, and back again
I'll be here
C                 D
Loving you, all through the years


C                D
There's so much freedom in knowing
C            D
How sure we are that we're going
All the way

Verse 2
G                Em
People ask me, think ya'll can make it
C                D
And I tell them honestly
This ain't no fleeting thing
We're not imagining
C               D            C
This is it, we know it's meant to be

(they step up here, I don't, but I will transcribe it
like they play it)

A                  F#m
Cause I love you, love you completely
D                E
I've never felt like this
I don't want nothing but
Something this passionate
D                    E
Cause the only way I know how to love is

Chorus 2 (in new key)

All the way
To the end
D                  E
Of my life, and back again
I'll be here
D                 E
Loving you, all through the years


D                E
There's so much freedom in knowing
D            E
How sure we are that we're going
All the way

(Lead plays chorus)

(repead bridge 2)

Repeat "All the way" to end.

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Buy Lonestar CD

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