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Say When 2 chords - Lonestar

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Date: 11 Mar 00
song: Say When
by: Lonestar
Transcribed by: Eddie Garcia (
Uploaded by: Eddie Garcia (

D                             Bm                 G
Your heart's been broken, you don't want to open up to me
A                   D                           Bm                   G
Girl can't you see, All that you're needing is someone to believe in you
G                           A       G                             A
And when you are no longer afraid, Darlin' I'll be just one word away…

    D              A             Bm
Say when, I'll be there by your side
       D                        Bm
For a day, for a year, for the rest of my life
   G                                                    D    A G
I know you're not ready but someday your heart's gonna mend
G                           A        D
I'll give you love without end, Say when.

D                        Bm                     G
It could be tomorrow or maybe a little farther down the road
   A                   D                       Bm                     G
Your heart will know, my love is timeless and you're gonna find it's true
G                          A     G                              A
And no matter how long it takes, if it means holding you I can wait…

(repeat chorus):

G                                                      D    A G
I know your not ready, but someday your heart's gonna mend
G                           A       D   G     D     A   D
I'll give you love without end, Say when, Say when.

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