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Im Already There chords - Lonestar

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This is my first shot at this, so PLEASE send along any corrections you may 
have, especially regarding the last chorus line and bridge.  Thanks,

"I'm Already There"
CD: "I'm Already There" (release 6/26/01)

Capo 1st Fret

Intro - D Bm G A

A                          Bm
He called her on the road, from a lonely cold hotel room
D                                          A
Just to hear her say "I love you" one more time.
A                       Bm
When he heard the sound of the kids laughin' in the background
D                                   A
He had to wipe away a tear from his eye

G                               A
Then a voice came on the phone, said "Daddy, when you comin' home?"
D                                           A
He said the first thing that came to his mind

                   D                  Bm
I'm already there, take a look around
                         G                                 A
I'm the sunshine in your hair, I'm the shadow on the ground
                           D                           Bm
I'm the whisper in the wind, I'm your imaginary friend
           G                   A
And I know I'm in your prayers,
                  D    Bm
I'm already there


She got back on the phone, said I really miss you darlin',
Don't worry about the kids, they'll be allright.
Wish I was in your arms, lyin' right there beside you,
But I know that I'll be in your dreams tonight.

And I'll gently kiss your lips, touch you with my fingertips,
So turn out the light, and close your eyes.

I'm already there, don't make a sound,
I'm the beat in your heart, I'm the moonlight shining down,
I'm the whisper in the wind, and I'll be there 'till the end
Can you feel the love that we share,
I'm already there

G             Em
We may be a thousand miles apart,
C                       A
But I'll be with you, wherever you are

              D                       Bm
I'm already there, take a look around
                             G                              A
I'm the sunshine in your hair, I'm the shadow on the ground
                           D                                 Bm
I'm the whisper in the wind, and I'll be there 'till the end
         G                       A
Can you feel the love that we share,
               G    A
I'm already there
               D     Bm     A      D
I'm already there
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