Unwind It chords - Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch Lyrics

            note: the G in the verse's are kind of a shuffle of G and D

Intro: C G D 	 C G D

I've been wound up too tight, I've been running just like 

G  	  	    Bm       C 	  	 
a chicken with his head cut off

I'm always on the go I've got nothin' to show.

G                  Bm           C
but a whole lot of nothin' its time I...

(mute)                         C
take a little time for me, yeah

I do believe


C G D Em D When life gets too tight its time to unwind it C G D kick back on the front porch, with a cold one, in my hand C G D Em D I've got my nose on, that work-a-day grindstone, C G D I'm gonna get my chill on tonight and.. C G D unwind, unwind, unwind it. G Lightening bugs in the air like they ain't got a care G Bm C bet I can take some lessons from them G Think i'll call up my girl and the rest of the world G Bm C keeps spinnin' while we're laid back swingin... C back and forth in the hammock, yeah D my baby knows that (Chorus) Bridge: Bm C G Nobody's gonna miss me when I dissappear, for a little while I bet. Bm C D So here I go, shifting to a lower gear, yeah yeah. (Chorus) End on the intro.