Yeah Yeah Yeah chords - Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch Lyrics

            Yeah Yeah Yeah
Written by Phil Barton, Jaron Boyer & Rodney Clawson
Recorded by Dustin Lynch

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(A) | x 2

Hey (D)baby, it's good to (G)see you again
This (D)party's rockin' let's get you jumpstarted and (G)get you a drink
I (D)love that Haggard (G)t-shirt you got on
The way you're (D)singin' along, shakin' that thing, (G)right about now all I wanna say is

(Bm)Yeah yeah (A)yeah, (G)look at you lookin' all drop dead beautiful
(Bm)Whoa oh (A)oh, (G)girl, you got it (D) got it goin' on tonight, (Bm)uh uh (A) uh
(G)Take a little sip (D)then lean on in for a (G)little bit, nice and slow, girl, here we go
Yeah yeah (D)yeah, (A)  (G)yeah yeah (D)yeah (A)

Hey (D)baby, it's gettin' kinda (G)crowded inside
Let's (D)slip out back, whatcha think about that, maybe (G)take a little ride
I got a (D)radio and a (G)half tank of gas
We can (D)ride around this one light town and (D)see how long we can make it last

(Repeat chorus)
(G)C'mon girl, scoot it on over, (A)don't be scared to get a little closer (Bm)Roll on out, past the city limit, (A)me and you fade into the distant (Repeat Chorus) (G)Yeah yeah (D)yeah, (A) (G)yeah yeah (D)yeah (A) -----