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Here Comes Heartache chords - Bill Mallonee

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D/F#:	20023x
G:	32003x
Em7:	02203x
Asus4:	x0223x


D/F#	G	Em7	D/F#
D/F#	G	Em7	D/F#	Asus4

Verse 1:

One more lonely trail

One more busted guard rail

Em7			    D/F#
One more safety net shot to hell

You'd've thought after the last 

I would learn to read the warning signs

Em7			   D/F#	Asus4
Maps they are of no use to us

Your cab speeds away in the rain,

But there's a guest that'll soon be showin' up again

  D/F#				 G
I recognise her all too familiar face,


	   D/F# Em7   G
Here comes he - a - rtache

	   D/F# Em7   G
Here comes he - a - rtache

Verse 2:

Who know how we got this far,
A black leather jacket and a fast car
Wasn't it always written in the stars?
You'd've thought after such a common thing,
The books and pills and distractions,
I'd've found the way to make a start
Delivered your goodbye with many a tear
Academy award's awaitin' dear,
One for the best supporting fake



D/F#	G	Em7	D/F#
D/F#	G	Em7	D/F#	Asus4

Verse 3:

Was your movie from the very start
You needed a lead so I tried out for the part
Forgot all my lines so I gave you my heart
I got a review that you wrote,
I keep it in the pocket of an old coat
"What am I supposed to do with all of this?"
The whole thing hits like a tidal wave,
The pain, the shame, the fear and the rage
That wall hits the beach, then we break

Chorus x2

D/F#	G	Em7	D/F#
D/F#	G	Em7	D/F#	Asus4

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