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Life On Other Planets chords - Bill Mallonee

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G:	320033
C:	332010
Asus4:	x0223x
Em:	022000

Guitar tuned down down a whole step:
DGCFAD (Low to high)

Verse 1:

	 G	C
I've got you,

	 G		  C
And some scars for all my labours

	   G	C
You've got me

      G		    C
God I know I need a saviour

       G	C
I feel bad

	  G		     C
All these days that we spend runnnin'

	        G	C
We're all grown up,

      Asus4	    Em
But I hardly saw it comin'


   Asus4 C	       Asus4
Our be - leif turns to gold

	   Em	      Asus4
Watch love begin to unfold

	    C			Asus4
It's like a story you were once told,

	   Em		     Asus4
When you beleived in God and new romantics,

    C			    G		C  G  C	
And life out there on other planets

Verse 2:

Angels' wings
All these giants being slain
The smallest stone,
It can get lodged in your brain
I see you,
And my heart fills with emotion
Push your swing,
But it's silent in it's own motion



Em     C      G
   I'm always fallin' in love

Em	    C		  G
   It's the least you can do

Em     C      G
   I'm always fallin' in love,

     Asus4	          C	Asus4  Em  Asus4  G  C
With something other than you

Verse 3:

So pull me up,
God I don't know why I'm lame
I'm drownin' in,
A sadness I can't hardly name
Easily swayed,
By power of suggestion
Always hard,
Getting back those first impressions


Verse 4:

      G		C
I got you

      	  G	C
I got you babe

      G		C	G	C	
I got you...

      G		C
I got you

      G		C	Em	C	G
I got you

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