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Resplendent chords - Bill Mallonee

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Fmaj7: xx3210
Am:    x02210
G:     320003
Em:    022000
C:     x32010

Capo 5

Verse 1:

Fmaj7          Am          G                        Fmaj7 
I remember the dark clouds raining dust for days on end 

Fmaj7        G            Am 
Blew all the Earth out to California 

G                          Fmaj7 
Just left us here with the wind 

Fmaj7                     Am
Desperate times, you know everbody's part 

G                                 Fmaj7 
It's your own lines you'd like to forget 

Fmaj7              G                 Am 
Till what you were meets what you've now become 

G                                   Fmaj7        Am
And grins and says  Hey, haven't we met

Am Em Fmaj7 C G Am

Verse 2:

Lost my first born that Winter
My wife on the first day of Spring 
So I poured my sweat to the Earth 
to see what that harvest would bring
And I remember how the fury 
just like a plague of locusts
Egypt's punishment for sins of pride 
Is that now what has come over us 


Fmaj7 Am               G
How   much of this was meant to be
Am           G           Fmaj7 
How much the work of the Devil 
    G                 Am          Fmaj7 
How far can one man's eyes really see 
          Am     G        Fmaj7      Am
In these days of toil and trouble 

Am Em Fmaj7 C G Am

Verse 3:

Honey, we're all resplendent, 
Yeah honey, we are all thrift store
Like a wine-o with a $20 bill 
Yeah, forever and eternally yours
And I can make you promises 
If you don't expect too much,   
Yes, and I will run the distance 
If you'll please, please excuse my crutch

Chorus 2:

How much of this was meant to be
How much the work of the Devil 
How far can one man's eyes really see 
In these days of toil and trouble 
How much of this is failing flesh 
How much a course of retribution
My, my, how loudly we plead our innocence 
Long after we made our contribution

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Mallonee Bill
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