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Seven Dollars chords - Mando Saenz

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                “Seven Dollars”
Mando Saenz

Capo V

Intro:  C  G  Am  F

C                                         G
At the place we knew back when
The drinks would flow while the fan would spin
                                         F                                                       C
Crimson showers sinking in, through your stained glass eyes
                                              G                                                 Am
It almost never seemed quite fair, almost like we weren’t even there
                                                    F                                                     C
For more than two smokes and a round, before the final call would sound
                                                G                                                   Am
So, drink ‘em up and hold me close, don’t give up on what you know
                                             F                                    C
There’s seven dollars in my coat, so don’t worry anymore.

G  Am  F

C                                                            G
Old man Floyd he can’t help the temptation
To think of the red headed girl on the bus
He met at the government station, before the war let up
C                                                        G
She chased his conscience with her smile
Chased away his past for a while
But it caught up with him in time
To chase away his sweet old mind
                                                G                                                      Am
So, drink ‘em up and hold me near, don’t put much into what you hear
                                             F                                            C
There’s seven dollars in my coat, so don’t you worry anymore.

G  Am  F

C                                            G
Does it make you sad to sit at home
Looking out on the concrete growing
Through your stained glass eyes out your window every morning
C                                                          G
You know there’s nothing wrong with that
We all need a place to be when the world is looking back at us
Before it shakes the trees
C                                   G                                             Am
If I don’t leave here too soon, I might not wake up til noon
                                         F                                    C
And if I don’t wake up at all, tell the boys I had a ball
                                      G                                                    Am
Drinking up and side to side, nothing more than a place to hide
                                            F                                             C
There’s seven dollars in my coat, so don’t you worry anymore.

G  Am  F  ……….


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