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Watertown chords - Mando Saenz

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                Capo II

Intro:  G  C  G  C

Verse I:
G                        C                  G      C
Living would be easy without all this conversation
     G             C                        D
Everybody's always wondering what it's all about.
    C                G          C                G     F#
How much did you get paid?  How much did you get laid?
        Em                           D
Tell me what's the cost of living anymore?

Verse II:
          G                      C
Cause I remember when the summer heat would melt the 
G         C
G                            C                       D
Sitting on the corner of the porch, watching cars go by.
       C               G          C             G    F#
Well before the bitter haze of my beer drinking days
     Em                            D
That came way too soon and haven't left.

        C             D       G        F#     Em
Looking down that old road, I know not what I see
              C                  D
The bridge is high, the water is low
G         F#      Em
Just like you and me.
          C           D            G   F#  Em       
There's a song that I heard on the radio today
             C             D             G    C  G  C
That took me back, took me back, to Watertown.

Verse III:
G                           C                 G    C
Dad was in the Army when we moved to the Watertown
   G                     C                D
He said we'd get to Texas when he figured how.
              C           G              C          G    F#
Cause there's angels down there, there's people who care
   Em              D
Seagulls and humid air.


    C                 G                    C
I remember the day my Mama cried, when she heard that
          G    F#
Elvis had died
        Em                                     D
And her tears fell to the shaggy carpet of her room.


Ending with G  C  G  C  G F# Em  D  (2X) end on G


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