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When I Come Around chords - Mando Saenz

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                Capo I

Intro:  G  D  Em  C  G  D  G

Verse I:
G                 D               Em        C
The tire, well it spins where the gravel is fine
G                       D
Headin' down the county road.
       G         D              Em        C
'Cause I catch a glimpse of the Greyhound sign
G                 D         G
See it through and watch it go.
Em              D           C             G
It'll chase the sun till it makes it turn bright
As it heads down to Houston town.
Em        D              C       G
I'm gonna catch it buddy, I just might
G             D       G
Someday, when I come around.

G            C                       G
When I come around, I'm a fool and a stranger
      D             C              G
Come around, it's a damn what they say.
             C                   G
When I come around, draggin' the anchor
      D         C        G    D  C  G
So, tonight I'm dancing away.

Verse II:
G            D           Em      C
The tower it got a fresh coat of paint
     G                     D
It's reading in a lot more clear.
  G              D             Em       C
I guess it don't matter if you know you ain't
      G           D        G
Gonna make it too far from here.
    Em            D             C             G
She stands like a mountain, she sleeps like a child
        G                    D
And she won't let her memory down.
Em        D            C           G
I'm gonna shake my way out of it's sight
G             D       G
Someday, when I come around.


D              C           G
I knew a girl, she used to say
G                                 D
"You living like you're spinning around."
D                          C            G
We used to dance while the band used to play
Em         C          D
Slowly, we sifted the sound.

Verse III:
G              D       C           G
She caught the bus ten years ago today
G                       D
She hasn't called me in nine.
  G             D             C           G
I think now and then when I'm acting some way
                    D           G
How she promised to keep me in line.
Em             D           C             G
She chased the sun till it made her turn bright
        G                          D
And the band put their instruments down.
Em        D              C        G
I'm gonna catch her buddy, I just might
G             D       G
Someday, when I come around.



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