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455 Rocket 2 chords - Kathy Mattea

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Kathy Mattea Sheet music
455 ROCKET by Kathy Mattea
Intro:  D  D   D  D    
   Mr. Smith had an Oldsmobile
   Baby blue with wire wheels
D                                                              A7
   He took her home the day that she was advertised
   He said she leaked when it would rain
   Sounded like an aeroplane
D                                A7            D
   But I knew she was a jewel in disguise

A7               D    G
   She had a 455 Rocket

   The biggest block alive
D                                                    A7
   I couldn't hardly wait just to take my turn
   She was made for the straight aways
   She grew up hatin' Chevrolets
D                        A7               
   She's a rocket, she was made to burn
   Well whose junkpile piece of Chevelle is this?
   Did you Boys come here to race or just kiss?
D                                         A7
Hmmm   Don't you want to know what I got underneath my hood?
   I know she might sound like she's missing
   But buddy, she could teach you a lesson
D                          A7                           D
   In just a quarter mile, and I'll smoke you good

A7         D   G
   In my 455 rocket

   The kind the police drive
D                                                    A7
   I couldn't hardly wait just to take my turn
   She was made for the straight aways
   She grew up hatin' Chevrolets
D                         A7                      D       
   She's a rocket,  she was made to burn

Interlude:     D  D  G  G  D  A7  D  A7
 *****BASE & DRUM ONLY*****
   I'm telling you and I ain't ashamed
   I cried when that wrecker came
D                                                        A7
   As we skid I thought I heard angels sing 
   We hit the curve and began to sail
   Took out most the safety rail
D                                    A7
   Even the cop asked me, "Man what'd you have in that thing?"
A7          D   G
   I had a 455 rocket

   The very kind you drive
D                                                                    A7
   You oughta watch yourself when you take that turn
   She was made for the straight aways
   She grew up hatin' Chevrolets
D                      A7                      D
   She's a rocket, she was made to burn, burn
D                               A7                      D
   Lord she's a rocket, she was made to burn.
We do sing and play your USA music in Aussie Land.

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