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She Came From Fort Worth chords - Kathy Mattea

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Kathy Mattea Sheet music
                Album: Willow in the Wind
Written by: Patrick Alger - Fred Koller

                SHE CAME FROM FORT WORTH       Kathy Mattea

                          Bb               Gm                      Eb   F
CHORUS:    She came from Fort Worth (but) Fort Worth couldn't hold her
                 Bb    Gm              Eb     F
Her dreams were bigger than the Texas sky
                 Bb  Eb           Bb             Gm
She's got a one-way ticket on the next bus for Boulder
        Eb         F             Bb
And it won't take long to say goodbye

         Eb           F     Eb         Bb
She was workin' at a diner just a week ago
       Gm          Bb      Eb              F 
When a man from Colorado smiled and said hello
         Bb                   Gm             Eb           Bb
And he turned her head with stories about a cabin in the trees
           Gm                Eb          Bb                          F
Where the wind can sing you love songs beneath snow-capped mountain peaks
           Eb                F              Eb             Bb
Now she's packed her faded jeans and her favorite cowboy boots
          Gm           Bb           Eb          F
Left her apron at the diner for someone else to use
          Bb           Gm           Eb              Bb
One last look in the mirror at the girl she used to be
           Gm               Eb             Bb              F
Then the driver takes her ticket and she tries to fall asleep

repeat chorus
       Eb              F                  Eb            Bb
And somewhere in the long dark night the snow began to fall
         Gm                   Bb                    Eb               F
Oh, the world outside was sparkling white when she heard the driver call
    Bb                  Gm         Eb              Bb
"Everyone off now for Boulder and have a real nice day"
         Gm              Eb        Bb                      F
He was waitin' on the platform and he raised his hand to wave 
           Eb          F            Eb                Bb
And she offered no resistance as he took her to his cabin
          Gm              Eb     Bb                         F
And that diner in the distance seemed just like it never happened.

repeat chorus  then last two lines of chorus

Kathy Mattea ChordsKathy Mattea Lyrics

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