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Clear As Day chords - Scotty McCreery

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                Clear As Day
Written by Casey Beathard, Phil O'Donnell & Adam Wheeler
Recorded by Scotty McCreery

Intro.:  --- |(F) |(C) |(F) 

You were (F)sittin' on that silverado (C)bumper
Out-(F)side our locker (G)room after the (C)game
(F)Glowing in the tan you got that (C)summer
(Am)I walked by and (G)you said (F) "hey"
Yeah, that (Dm)nights still (G)clear as (C)day

First (F)time we'd ever beat East Lincoln (C)County
Big (F)party down at (G)Rickey Bowman's (C)place
(F)I walked up you threw your arms a-(C)round me
And (Am)whispered, you (G)love to watch me (F) play
Yeah, that (Dm)nights still (G)clear as (C)day

There (F)ain't one second (C)times erased
(F)Every detail (C) is still in place
You (F)hold to watch you (G)love and some-(C)things (E)never fade (F)
And that (Dm)nights still (G)clear as (F)day (C)

We (F)went to get some fresh air on the (C)back porch
I put my (F)class ring by the (G)cross on your gold (C) chain
You (F)backed my back against those cedar (C)clapboards
My (Am)lips ain't (G)ever been kissed that (F) way
Yeah, that (Dm)nights still (G)clear as (C)day

There (F)ain't one second (C)times erased
(F)Every detail (C) is still in place
You (F)hold to watch you love (G) and some-(C)things (E)never fade (F) (G)

I (F)walked you to your brothers silver-(C)ado
When he (F)climbed behind the (G)wheel he seemed o-(C)key
Last (F)thing you said was "I'll call you to-(C)morrow"
That's a (Am)call you (G)never got to (F)make

They (Am)blamed it on the (G)fog and pourin' (F) rain
And that (Dm)nights still (G)clear as day (F) -----

Scotty McCreery ChordsScotty McCreery Lyrics

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