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That Old King James chords - Scotty McCreery

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                That Old King James
Written by Phillip White & Mark Nesler
Recorded by Scotty McCreery

Intro.:  |(D) |(Bm) |(G) |(A) |

(D)Preacher gave it to him when (Bm)he was eight
That Sunday morning (F#m)he got saved in that little church (G)
(D)Grandaddy toted it to (Bm)Bible school
I bet back then it (F#m)looked brand new, not a faded word (G)
Now the cover's torn and the (Em)leather's worn on that (D)old King James

He (G)took it with him overseas, (F#m)England, France And Germany
(G)Right there in the (A)middle of (D)hell
(G)Said, he read it every night, he (F#m)swore that it saved his life
His (Em)only hope when there was no hope (A) left
Was in that (G)old (Em)King (D)James (Bm) (G)

(D)Passed it down to momma on the (Bm)day he died
Sat there for the (F#m)longest time, just gathering the dust (G)
But when (D)life would take a sharp turn every (Bm)now and then
And she would just start (F#m)missing him, I'd see her pick it up (G)
Now the cover's torn and the (Em)leather's worn on that (D)old King James

You'll (G)find on every other page, (F#m)yellow lines or tear-drop stains
(G)Every chapter (A)of that Good Book (D)
Been through (G)cancer, war and crazy kids (Bm)all the stupid things I did
(Em)I may never know the toll I (A) took
On her, and that (G)old (Em)King James

Inst.:  |(Bm) |(F#m) |(G) |(D)(A)|(Bm) |(F#m) |(G) |(G) ---

Yeah, (D)I'm the one who's got it now (Bm)
She said, read it when you're (F#m)feeling down and I said, yes ma'am (G)
Now the cover's torn and the (Em)leather's worn on that old (D) King James

Outro.:  --- |(Bm) |(G) |(D) -----

Scotty McCreery ChordsScotty McCreery Lyrics

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