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Billy Bayou chords - Roger Miller

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                Billy Bayou
(if you know who wrote this, let me know)


Back about 18-hundred and some
                        A         D
A Lousiana couple had a redheaded son

No name suited him, Jim Jack or Joe
                        A        D
So they just called him Billy Bayou

G                 D
Billy Billy Bayou watch where you go
       A                   D
You're walkin' on quicksand, walk slow
G                  D
Billy Billy Bayou watch what you say
  A                      D
A pretty girl'll get you one of these days

Billy was a boy kinda big for his size
Red hair, freckles, and big blue eyes
Thirteen years from the day he was born
Billy fought the battle of Little Bighorn




SOLO (cont'd): D#  A#  D#

One sad day Billy cried ho-ho
                             A#    D#
I can whip the feathers of a Geronimo

He smarted off, the chief got mad
                      A#       D#
That likely ended our Lousiana lad

G#                D#
Billy Billy Bayou watch where you go
       A#                  D#
You're walkin' on quicksand, walk slow
G#                D#
Billy Billy Bayou watch what you say
  A#                     D#
A pretty girl'll get you one of these days

One day in 1878
A pretty girl walked through Bill's front gate
He didn't know whether to stand there or run
Wound up married 'cause he did neither one


OUTRO: D#  A#  D#

NOTE: To make playing slightly easier, you can slap a capo on the third fret,
      start off in the key of B, and then move up to C.   Subsequent chords:

D  = B
G  = E
A  = F#
D# = C
G# = F
A# = G 

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