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One Dyin' And A Buryin' chords - Roger Miller

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Roger Miller Sheet music
                One Dyin' and a Buryin'--Roger Miller
written by Roger Miller
Corrections welcome.

Capo II

(First verse/chorus: key of E)


Well, I think I finally found me a sure-fire way to forget 
It's so simple, I'm surprised I hadn't done thought of it before yet 
It's foolproof - well, it's foolhardy, maybe, but who knows 
Anyway, here I am walking toward where the cold dark water flows 
Causes all it takes is 

One dying and a buryin' 
A                D
One dying and a buryin' 
          G               Bm-Am
Some crying, six carrying me 
I wanna be free 

(Second verse/chorus: Key of C)

Oh...I wanna be free 

Free from all this heartache and regret 
And free from pining for the love I can't forget 
The love that once was warm and then just somehow turned to hate 
Made my life a prison from which there's only one escape, and that's: 

One dying and a buryin' 
F                Bb
One dying and a buryin' 
        E7               Dm-Fm
Some cryin' six carryin' me 
I wanna be free 


CHORDS (relative to capo):

D 	 xx0232
G 	 320003
A 	 x0222x
Bm 	 x24432
Am 	 x02210
Bb 	 x13331
E7 	 020100
F 	 xx3211
Dm 	 xx0231
Fm 	 xx3111

CHORDS (with no capo):

D=E 	  	 022100
G=A 	  	 x0222x
A=B 	  	 x24442
Bm=C#m 	  	 x46654
Am=Bm 	  	 x24432
Bb=C 	  	 x32010 (or play as x35553)
E7=F#7 	  	 242322
F=G 	  	 320003
Dm=Em 	  	 022000
Fm=Gm 	  	 355333 or xx5333 

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