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The Ballad Of Waterhole #3 (code Of The West) chords - Roger Miller

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Roger Miller Sheet music
                Recorded By Roger Miller

The Ballad Of Waterhole #3 (Mod)
  (Code Of The West)

     C7                                    Am
The code of the west ain’t some words on a page
     C              F           Bb           G
You just natch’lly know it when you come of age 
    C7                            F              F7
You eat when you’re hungry you drink when you’re dry
     G          F         C7
You look every man in the eye
G        C                                F       C7     
Oh, the code of the west,  when the boys talk of women
     C                               F          Bb7
The code of the west,  what-cha know you don’t tell
                            Eb            Ab        F
The code of the west, a man soaps his own saddle , brand his
    Bb         Eb          Bb           G
own cattle and some of his neighbors as well

    C7                                      Am
If you’re build-in fences then I ain’t for hire
    C          F            Bb           G
You get me for nothing and I bring the wire
    C7                        F                F7
You patch up my windows, I’ll plumb up you’re door’s
   G              F                   C7
If you scratch my back , I’ll scratch yours
G        C                         F           C7                  
Oh, the code of the west, you must honor your neighbor
    C                          F           Bb7
The code of the west,  to your own self be true
                              Eb         Ab  
The code of the west, you must do un-to others,
F          Bb         Eb         Bb        G  
do un-to  other’s before they do it un-to you.

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