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Big Cheeseburgers And Good French Fries chords - Gurf Morlix

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                Intro:  D  G  D  C#dim  D  G  Em  D  D

    D                                 G
I got an angel of a woman with big blue eyes
Friends in the country, old neckties
    D                           E
Big cheesburgers and good French fries
                  A               D
Could go fishing but the fish draw flies

    D                            G                                            
Could go swimming if it ain't too deep
    G                              D
I'd rather just sit here and rest my feet
    D                                 A
I know I ain't lazy cause I don't like sleep
Might just be lazy to you

    D                              G
I want to live in the city have a telephone
    G                             D
Live in the country throw my dog a bone
    D                          E
Ride on a space ship want to get lost
                   A          D
Mama still tell me about the Pentecost

   D                         G
Ride a bicycle but my ass gets sore
   G                         D
Sell the Holy Bibles, door to door
   D                         A
Used to be stupid but ain't no more
Might just be stupid to you

G  D  Dm7  C#m  D  D7  G  D  Am7  D

   D                            G         
I like to drink beer, hang out in bars
   G                               D
Don't like busses, and I don't like cars
    D                               E
Don't like the president, don't like stars
             A                  D
Never had stitches, but I do got scars

   D                             G
Love to go to parties, I love my friends
   G                   D
Got no books, just got bookends
   D                       A
Thing I'm crazy, well that depends
It don't seem that crazy to me

      D                 G
The story's old as since '74
      G                         D
There's always doing, here's some more
    D                         E                       
Friend come over from the liquor store
         A                    D
Jole he dance till his feet get sore

    D                         G
Love my woman and my woman loves me
    G                       D
Don't go skiing cause I can't ski
    D                            A
That kinda thing, that didn't bother me
So it shouldn't be bothering you

     D                                G  
I got an angel of a woman with big blue eyes
Friends in the country, old neckties
     D                           E
Big cheeseburgers and good French fries
Could go fishing but the fish draw flies

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