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Blanket chords - Gurf Morlix

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          C 	         G
I’ve been up, I’ve been down
          D 	        G
I’ve been spinnin’, all around
          C 	  	   G
I’ve been lost, I’ve been found
        D 	  	    G
Now I’m headed, for higher ground

           C                   G
You can be quick, you could be slow
         D                     G
Might be high, or you could be low
    	    C 	  	  	      G
But here is somethin’, you can never know 
    	  	 D 	                    G    
That’s how you’ll feel, when the anger lets go


        C 	  	        G              
I never wondered, how it would be
        	      D               	  	       G 
I wanted the world, All I got was to hold the key
                C 	         	       G                
I’m beginning to shiver, I’m beginning see
               D 	              	    G   
You can find a blanket, would you put it on me


I can’t help thinking, it’s gotta be wrong
It ain’t me, it’s not my song 
I ain’t ready, I ain’t strong
But time don’t wait, just jogs along


All the colours, never beheld such a sight
All the sounds, so crisp and bright
Still life passes, into the night
I’m hearing music, I think I see the light



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